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Hungry Penguin - Chilli Penguin Multifuel Stove

Hungry Penguin

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Output: 5kW
Manufactured by: Chilli Penguin

The original Chilli Penguin, the one that started the company.  This stove does it all, it keeps  you warm, cooks your dinner, boils your kettle and if you've got a boiler model it will heat your water for you as well. The small oven box is able to reach a max temperature of 300 degrees C. But it can also tick away nicely between 140 -180 degrees C and you can boil a kettle of water on the hotplate. It is a different experience to cooking without plug in power, but you're off grid and the stoves on anyway!  

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Hungry Penguin

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h683mm x w380mm x d355mm


Price Range

Efficiency (wood)


Efficiency (coal)


Rear Flue Option Available


Oven Size

w250mm x d220mm x h100mm

Optional Boiler


Flue Diameter


Available Colours

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Available Colours